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01. Mai 2018
schnelles und einfaches Rezept für eine Maske bei trockener Haut. Simple Recipe for a homemade Banana Face Mask.

14. März 2018
Travelling a lot lately? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? A Aroma Roll on can help you calm your nerves in seconds.

04. Februar 2018
Find a comfortable Position, either lay down or sit straight, maybe even in Lotus Position or crossed-leg Position. Cover yourself with a Blanket if needed, keep yourself warm. It might be nice to lean against a wall to create comfort and support for the back. Close your eyes,relax your face and your jaw; breath deeply, relax, and let go with the exhale of the tension in your Body and your Soul. Inhale and let this Koshi Bells Music Meditation take you to a different level of relaxation