Artikel mit dem Tag "Yoga Therapy"

03. September 2018
"Undergoing massage therapy is like having a warm blanket of positive emotions draped over you. It relieves tension, gives you a relaxing environment to decompress in, and aids in relieving the physical and mental symptoms of depression. Many mental health professionals recommend a visit to a clinic staffed with registered massage therapists because of the numerous benefits it can produce for their patients." Source:

24. Juli 2018
Es werden leichte Yogaübungen gemacht und Atemtechnicken durchgeführt, danach werden Sie im Liegen in eine tiefe Entspannung, dem Bodyscan geführt.

08. Juli 2018
"Our studies show that yoga is equally as beneficial—or more beneficial—than the best possible medicatons in alleviating traumatic stress symptoms. In the studies we did involving neuroimaging of the brain before and after regular yoga practice, we were able to show that the areas of the brain involving self-awareness get activated by doing yoga, and those are the areas that get locked out by trauma and that are needed in order to heal it."