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03. September 2018
" Das Ergebnis war sehr positiv: Die Patienten waren nach der Massage weniger angespannt und vor allem deutlich besserer Stimmung, wie Prof. Bruno Müller-Oerlinghausen in einem Fachartikel berichtet. Vor allem die körperliche Berührung wurde offenbar als sehr wohltuend erlebt " Quelle: Navigator Medizin/ Depressionen

14. März 2018
Travelling a lot lately? Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? A Aroma Roll on can help you calm your nerves in seconds.

20. Februar 2018
an easy-to-perform breathing exercise, the breathing exercise called is Chandra Bhedana. This is often used in yoga to relieve pain helps with nervousness and irritability helps with cravings letting go cools calms and relaxes

04. Februar 2018
Find a comfortable Position, either lay down or sit straight, maybe even in Lotus Position or crossed-leg Position. Cover yourself with a Blanket if needed, keep yourself warm. It might be nice to lean against a wall to create comfort and support for the back. Close your eyes,relax your face and your jaw; breath deeply, relax, and let go with the exhale of the tension in your Body and your Soul. Inhale and let this Koshi Bells Music Meditation take you to a different level of relaxation

03. Januar 2018
Today, just remember, to stand still for a moment, and breath in deeply.

16. Dezember 2017
" When we think of Shoulders, we think first of our own, and how much in life we have to shoulder - responsibility, pain and loss. We may become aware that self-importance often causes us to shoulder responsibilities that are not ours But it also becomes evident that the shoulders and the neck re able to carry the burdens they need to carry. " ( Haha Yoga-Hidden Language/ Swami Sivananda Radha)

02. Dezember 2017
(Knee)-Arthrosis and Yoga - is this possible? Yes, it is.

19. November 2017
This UK Foundation has been giving free yoga classes to Syrian refugees in Bekaa valley, Lebanon, reaching 100 women and 300 children in its first year. To keep this project going and make it sustainable, they will be handing the teaching over to local yoga instructors. Their Lebanese partner, Salam LADC سلام, has launched a campaign to raise stipends for them. Your donations will go towards a stipend for a local yoga teacher.