Yoga for Trauma Recovery

Yoga for Trauma Recovery is a practice that is designed specifically for those who have suffered emotional Trauma.

Emotional Trauma can sterm from childhood Trauma, long term Trauma, vicarious Trauma and single incident Trauma.

Many survivors suffer from a range of ailments such as PTSD, dissociation, stress , irritability, and anxiety. This practice is designed to teach in a safe environment, with a sensitivity towards language, Asanas, breathwork and assists.

In Yoga for Trauma Recovery peopel feel more connected to their bodies, the ability to use new coping tools like breath work to create a new sense of calmness, sleeping more soundly and beeing able to deal with triggers more constructively.


Yoga for Trauma Recovery is successfully used for mental disorder such as :


PTSD (posttraumatic stress disorder)



anxiety disorders

panic attacks


Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an holistic Form of alternative Medicine that applies the entire Science of Yoga to effect Health and Healing on an individual Basis.

It uses Yoga Postures, Breathing Exercises, Meditation and guided Imagery to improve mental and physical Health, to feel less Stress, calm the mind, cultivate emotional Balance, and to become reacquainted with your inner Soul .

Yoga Therapy Practice can resemble physical Therapy, rehabilitative Therapy and / or Psychotherapy.

Unlike a standard Yoga Class, Yoga Therapy Sessions are typically conducted in one -on -one or small Group Settings.


At the first therapeutic Session, a medical history is prepared as a Basis for Treatment.


The Yoga Therapist creates a yogatherapeutic Program, which contains therapeutic physical exercises, breathing Techniques and Meditation.


The exercises are adapted to the Clients individual needs and abilities. The client is encouraged to practice the therapeutic Program at home.


Trough the careful continous yoga practice the Client will improve mental and physical health, feel less stress, calm the mind, cultivate emotional balance, and become reacquainted with the inner Soul .